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Save your team / save the city!

The players are a team of agents who have successfully located the hideout of the nefarious Professor Manifestus, Doctor of Mad Science. He has set his Experimental Spatial Collider And Particle Entanglement (E.S.C.A.P.E.) Reactor to overload, which will cause a chain reaction wiping out half the city! Players will need to use their wits to uncover clues within the Professor’s lab, utilize the high tech and oddball equipment inside, and disarm the reactor before it explodes! Save your team, and save the city!

Group SIZE

2 - 12 Players




Escape Rate


Best Time

50 Minutes

Book – Meltdown (East Haven)

Please Read: If there are less than (4) players in your group, please call us before booking (860-785-8984), or find a time below that already has players booked. Did you know we offer Private Bookings? You can have the entire room to yourself and save money!



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